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Insight finding robots.

The world is changing fast. New technologies, consumer needs, industry trends: new opportunities emerge every second. To keep pace with the fast changing world, businesses need to rethink the way they gather insights to stay competitive.

EdgeFlow Information Intelligence platform features smart AI assistants working along with you to surface business relevant insights. With your robot scouting for outer world's signals in real time, you can stay aware, agile, and confident in your strategic decisions 24/7/365.

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The Next Big Thing?

A game-changer in the information intelligence space, EdgeFlow brings a paradigm shift from predefined keywords search to AI-driven surfacing of prioritised information. This is essential for finding insights beyond what you already know you should be looking for, helping to timely capture "the next big thing" for your business. Get inspired and find answers to questions you did not yet realise you should be asking, without searching or information overload.

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Smart, agile, scalable.

EdgeFlow makes it easy for everyone from specialists to executives to train their own Robots and create smart, 100% tailored streams of insights for their business areas. One platform, seamlessly scaling across all business units for organisation-wide awareness and insights sharing.

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Petra Hissink

Director Global Innovation & Research at HEINEKEN

“Within weeks of using EdgeFlow we already became aware of relevant product launches and patents that we might have missed otherwise. Having this information as soon as it appeared in public helped us to act quickly and alert colleagues from other divisions to take action. We now have more confidence that we are up to date and not missing out on potentially critical information.”

Hans van Diem

General Manager at Signify

“EdgeLeap’s information intelligence technology enabled my team to move faster from an idea to a testable product, reducing innovation time from four months to three weeks.”

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