Streamlining Information into Intelligence

We live in a fast changing world. New possibilities come up every second. Our clients are businesses that need to make fast and costly decisions, daily. To do so in the best possible way, they need the right information at the table at the right moment. We push AI technology to its limits to funnel an overflow of unstructured information into relevant and ready-to-act insights, helping our clients to stay in the know on their business domain.


  • In my experience working with EdgeLeap was really helping and created a positive vibe in our organization. EdgeLeap turned out the be a good listener to our problems, very open minded and creative, and brought solutions that were realistic and in line with our vision.
    – Floor Scheepers, MD, PhD, Head of Psychiatry, UMC Utrecht, The Netherlands.
  • EdgeLeap’s knowledge and expertise was very useful in steering our innovation activities. With the pleasant and cooperative communication lines it felt like they were an integral part of my project team.
    – Marc Plaum, Innovation Project Director, DSM Nutritional Products, Switzerland.
  • EdgeLeap’s information mining technology enabled my team to move faster from an idea to a testable product, reducing innovation time from four months to three weeks.
    – Hans Van Diem, General Manager, Signify.


Marijana Radonjic

Co-founder & CEO

Thomas Kelder

Co-founder & CTO


News & Press

Talks & Lectures

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