Finding the Right Target in a Haystack

EdgeBox is a graph database of public knowledge on molecular & disease associations. Uniquely designed to empower data scientists in building their own graph mining applications for drug target and biomarker discovery.

Why EdgeBox

Awesome Power of Graphs

Linear biological pathways are oversimplification of reality. EdgeBox captures life as we know it in a graph database of over 200.000 biological entities linked by over 10 million relations among them. Use with powerful graph mining algorithms for fast and well informed discoveries.

Transparent enterprise technology

EdgeBox combines the power and flexibility of your custom scripts and pipelines with with solidness of enterprise level databases. Built upon graph database neo4j, EdgeBox provides limitless access through powerful APIs. By using exclusively open data sources, EdgeBox provides fully transparent knowledge and no lock-in.

Made for Life Sciences R&D

Solid graph analysis in life science R&D requires strong domain knowledge. EdgeBox consolidates years of experience in analysing molecular networks for discovery of drug targets, biomarkers, and mechanisms of action. Build your own platform upon this knowledge in your pharma or clinical setting.


Ready for building your dream application? Hook EdgeBox into your workflow, use the powerful query language, minimal data model for optimal usability, and easy deployment via Docker.


Query EdgeBox interactions directly from the neo4j browser using Cypher.


Apply powerful graph mining algorithms by incorporating queries in your code.


Build awesome end-user tools to empower users who prefer clicking to coding.

Learn more about EdgeBox

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