Streamlining Information into Intelligence.

EdgeFlow is an AI platform that helps you stay “in the know” on your business domain. The stream of knowledge you need to shape tomorrow’s business.

Key Features


Time is of essence when it comes to strategic decision making. EdgeFlow continuously monitors what is going on in the world, bringing you critical information as it happens. Now you can move forward confidently and timely, backed by full awareness of movements in your domain.


Staying on top of what is happening in your domain requires continuous sifting through a flood of information. EdgeFlow’s AI models work around the clock to surface relevant insights for your field of interest, before you even realize what you should search for. Gain foresight on your next move, find out what your next question should be.


Get back in control over information being served to you. Train and steer your own AI model to recognize and surface critical information for your area of interest, today and tomorrow. EdgeFlow puts the power of AI in your hands. Literally.

Client stories

Information is the new gold and AI technology is the key to unlock its potential. HEINEKEN’s Global Innovation & Research team partnered with EdgeLeap to get ahead in using the latest information mining technology to propel their innovation strategy. Read the full story.

“The world is rapidly changing and we need to monitor closely, respond fast and keep leading on our core.”Hendrik van Es, Lead Scout HEINEKEN Global Innovation & Research