Streamlining information into intelligence.

EdgeFlow is a platform for real time, smart and systematic information mining, fully customisable to the business focus of the client. Built to enable best informed decisions, faster.

Key Features


Time is of essence when it comes to strategic decision making in R&D. EdgeFlow leverages latest stream processing technologies to systematically monitor all your relevant information resources, continuously and in real time. Now your decisions can be backed by timely and full awareness of movements in the outer world.


Staying on top of what is happening in your domain requires sifting through a flood of potentially relevant information. EdgeFlow leverages machine learning models trained to pick out valuable bits of information for you. Now the legwork is done by a machine, your team of professionals can focus on high-level tasks.


Off the shelf tools often just don’t cut it. EdgeFlow features pluggable resources, domain-specific information mining models, and crafted end user applications to ensure a seamless fit to your business needs. With a modular and scalable design, EdgeFlow fills the organisation-specific gap and evolves with your business.

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