A Grip on Disruption with Avery Dennison

Robots@Work: A Grip on Disruption with Avery Dennison

The accelerating pace of change calls for disruptive ways for companies to stay ahead of the curve. Avery Dennison brought EdgeFlow robots on board to support their teams in leveraging emerging opportunities and safeguard its market leader position for the coming years.  

Innovation is in Avery Dennison’s DNA. Pushing boundaries of what is possible has been a continuing thread in the 80+ year history of the company and is still one of its core values. As a global leader in the materials science industry, with products being used in every major industry – from automotive wrap graphics, to intelligent labels, to Premier League shirts – the company is committed to launching ever smarter solutions, while making a positive impact on the planet.

To inspire innovation and get a grip on shifting needs of the future generations, teams at Avery Dennison now get support from their robot-assistants, personally trained to watch over mission critical business areas. By continuously scouting for “the next big thing” for products and markets, these robots bring in full awareness of outer world movements to reinforce agile evolution of the business.

Sam O’Keefe, the Vice President of Research and Development (R&D) about her robot-assistant:

“We are all very excited to be working with our robots, who are now welcome members of the team. Once we have trained them, which is educational in itself, they soon start to train us. In R&D we have made good use of our robot, who we have only loosely  trained to search for innovations in sustainability. That gives us visibility of what is on the periphery of our awareness, as well as advance notice of what is happening globally in this field. We have all benefited from the relationship, and have already been able to take advantage of the knowledge we have gained from our robot colleagues.“

Sam O’Keefe, VP R&D Avery Dennison sam.okeefe@eu.averydennison.com

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Marijana Radonjic, CEO EdgeLeap marijana@edgeleap.com