AI text generation: The rise of Robot-Authors

AI text generation: The rise of Robot-Authors

Advances in AI-driven text generation empower new amazing applications that turn fiction into a daily reality. Our new feature, EdgeFlow HIGHLIGHTS, leverages an abstractive text summarization machine learning approach to let Robots read, understand and write an executive summary of relevant updates.

Text generation is one of the biggest trends in machine learning right now. Last year’s release of the OpenAI’s text-generator GPT-3 – one of the most powerful language models ever – has raised interest among both developers and the general public, with applications ranging from creative writing, to generating press releases, emails, and even computer code.

“Directly aiding human creativity and ingenuity […] – the possibilities are limited only by the ideas and scenarios that we bring to the table.”

Kevin Scott, Executive VP and CTO, Microsoft, in his blog

In the context of Augmented Information Intelligence applications for enterprise clients, EdgeFlow Robots could already read, understand and prioritise relevant information from millions of updates daily, helping to spot and act on movements that will impact the business. The next step we introduce with EdgeFlow HIGHLIGHTS uses AI not only to help discover relevant information, but also to enable the user to consume relevant information faster through Robot-written text summaries.

Why is this important?

With ever growing volumes of available information, the challenge of staying well informed in the daily hectic is becoming hardly manageable. Executive-level managers generally lack time and attention to consume information, even when it is delivered in the form of prioritized updates. As a result, business-critical insights may be timely delivered, but still pass unnoticed.

There is a great need to transform lengthy documents to shorter, focused summaries that capture the salient details, something which could be difficult and costly to undertake if done manually. Using AI for automatic text summarization can overcome such difficulties and allow to navigate large volumes of information more effectively.

How does this work?

Text summarization is the process of distilling the most important information from different sources to produce a concise version for a user. This is one of the most challenging tasks in natural language processing, involving understanding of long pieces of text, information compression, and language generation. A good automatic summary needs to adequately cover core information in the input and to be linguistically fluent, i.e. to sound as it was generated by a human.

EdgeFlow Highlights: an AI-written Executive Summary

The EdgeFlow Robots surface business relevant information and deliver it to domain experts in the form of prioritized alerts and dashboard overviews. To make insights digestible to broader audience, including C-suite, executive reports are now reinforced with automatic AI-generated summaries of key relevant updates for a given business area. This helps not only to engage executives in a business topic, but also makes feasible for experts to follow developments in adjacent domains and so increase awareness across the organisation.

Towards the Future of Work with Robot-Authors

AI-generated summaries make transformation into an insight-driven organisation more feasible. Heaps of information are navigated more effectively, reducing time and effort needed to process and understand complex and abundant signals coming from world-wide information streams. The transparency and access to source information is needed to keep humans in charge of evaluation and decisions on which actions to take. Nevertheless, for writing executive summaries at scale, the help of AI-automation is much needed.

AI-driven text generation adds on to the growing skill set of our AI-assistants, bringing Augmented Information Intelligence to the next level in making human work faster, easier and more rewarding. Robot-Authors have risen – and are here to stay.

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