Augmented Intelligence: The Next Generation of Smart Assistants

The continued raise of AI technology has stirred up controversy and fears of future where employees are replaced by robots. The more positive view of the future is based upon the powerful collaborations that take place when humans and machines work together, each taking advantage of the other’s complementary strengths.

What is Augmented Intelligence?

In a recent press release, Gartner defines augmented intelligence as a human-centered partnership model of people and AI working together to enhance cognitive performance, including learning, decision making and new experiences.

EdgeFlow’s personalized AI assistants are the new generation of such Augmented Intelligence tools, bringing together the best of human and the machine intelligence to help business make faster and smarter strategic decisions.

How does Augmented Intelligence work in EdgeFlow?

EdgeFlow’s Augmented Intelligence learning loop involves efficient information scouting, prioritization of insights by AI and learning directly through user’s feedback, continuously improving the ability of robots to retrieve the most relevant insights.

We are here moving from a domain of tooling to the concept of smart AI robot assistants that learn to to scout the world with eyes of their human guides and separate the wheat from the chaff in an overflow of information.

The robot in this way becomes an apprentice of its human, learning to prioritize and look beyond the borders to inform, inspire and surprise. After this it up to humans do what they are best in: pick up these clues and use their experience and intuition to connect the dots and take action to make the real business impact.

What’s the business opportunity?

The challenge and opportunity that EdgeFlow is tackling is the fact that the world is overflowing in information, much of it unstructured and usually coming at us from many angles, at the same time being a goldmine for hinting at the insights that it might hold if it could be looked at in a more comprehensive way. To unlock the business value contained in worlds data, next generation information intelligence tools not only need to analyse comprehensive information in real time, but need do so smartly, augmenting human efforts with AI assistance.

Gartner’s AI business value forecast highlights decision support/augmentation as the largest type of AI by business value-add with the fewest early barriers to adoption. In fact, their analysts predict that in 2021, artificial intelligence (AI) augmentation will create $2.9 trillion of business value and 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity globally.

EdgeFlow resides in a relatively new, emerging category of Augmented Intelligence business. Fully adaptive with its “train your own robot” core, it combines the functionality of tools tracking media in real time, but also analytics aspects of business intelligence tools. EdgeFlow’s personalized AI assistants give world’s leading organizations complete view about what’s happening outside their organization to make the most informed decisions, positioning it at a forefront of the AI revolution in enterprise information intelligence space.

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