Democratizing Artificial Intelligence

Featured content, sponsored ads, market reports, and even your browser search results: Information you receive is increasingly becoming driven by someone else’s choices. How about getting back the control over information being served to you?

EdgeFlow puts the user in charge: It’s robots leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to surface insights beyond what is possible with the human mind (well, at least in a lifetime ;), while giving the user full control over teaching the robot what is considered relevant. Read more about the democratized AI trend – and how we do it differently.

AI democratization hype

You may have spotted the “democratizing AI” trend in 2018: As the Artificial Intelligence hype is peaking, big IT players are shifting towards empowering users of all skill levels to seize the opportunity of AI. Driven in particular by large cloud computing providers like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, there is a growing number of self-service analytics platforms and tools to help businesses build their own machine learning models.

While Artificial Intelligence is surely overhyped, and this type of democratization (conveniently) coincides with increased consumption of cloud computing capacity, the fact remains that AI is a powerful tool when in right hands. EdgeFlow enables a very straightforward form of AI democratization: putting its power into user’s hands quite literally.

How do we do it in EdgeFlow?

EdgeFlow leverages AI robots to surface relevant insights from a continuous streams of information. But how does the robot know what information is relevant, before the user explicitly searches for it? One of the key features of EdgeFlow is its robot training capability: it lets users “vote” whether the information retrieved by the robot is relevant or not for their business area of interest. This allows continuous learning about users’ business-specific interests and steers which content will be brought to users’ attention in the future.

Training an EdgeFlow robot is deliberately an active process: user’s clicking behavior is not tracked to assume the preferences until user confirms the choice. And yes, votes can always be reversed to re-train the robot with changing minds or new insights. It is as easy and intuitive as clicking thumbs up / down: you can do it as a part of your workday routine or on the go via your mobile devices.

Make AI your own

Train your AI model and watch it get smarter by the day. Once trained, it will become your wingman in steering strategic decisions, bringing you all relevant information you need to know today – as determined by you, and you only.

Interested in training your own AI models in EdgeFlow? Let us know!

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