EdgeFlow integration with Enterprise chat platforms

EdgeFlow integration with enterprise chat platforms

EdgeFlow robots scout through world-wide digital information to surface your business relevant insights, helping you to spot and act on movements that will impact your business. EdgeFlow LEADS now directly links with enterprise chat apps such as Slack, MS Teams, and @workplace to help you turn individual awareness into a collaborative action.

In the past year we’ve seen a major fast forward in the workplace digitalisation, shifting most of us in a “virtual office” environment. Enterprise communication platform such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet have became a place to be for professional and informal interaction with colleagues. While generally very efficient, this new way of working has its limitation when it comes to spontaneous sharing of ideas to trigger inspiration and discussion needed for innovation process.

To support teams in connecting over the most inspiring insights, we’ve now linked EdgeFlow LEADS directly to enterprise chat apps such as Slack, MS Teams, and @workplace. The most exciting insights surfaced by your Robot are tagged and collected by the team members as Leads. Now Leads can be setup to automatically flow into your selected Teams or Slack channel, so you can easily raise awareness, chat, exchange views, and take action together with your colleagues.

“The slack integration is wonderful and so easy!” 

Sabine Muller, Research & Insights Lead LEGO Ventures

Streamlining and distributing leads via the chat apps is not only helpful in inspiring new ideas within the team, but it also supports the process of capturing, discussing and evaluating new ideas. This is an essential part of turning awareness into an action, and ultimately, business value.

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