EdgeLeap represents SMEs at the Netherlands Platform for Systems Biology

EdgeLeap became a partner of the Netherlands Platform for Systems Biology (SB@NL), a national organization for fostering the systems biology approach in life sciences. The aim of SB@NL is to create synergies between systems biology research institutes/groups and other stakeholders in systems and synthetic biology, biotechnology and medicine. The platform currently consists of eleven partners, representing academia, research institutes, and now also small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in The Netherlands.

SMEs are considered a key drivers of innovation and SB@NL recognises their importance in valorisation of systems biology knowledge and its effective translation into solutions which benefit the society and economy. Hence, the SB@NL platform has this year expanded to include EdgeLeap as a first partner representing SMEs that are active in the systems biology field. Meet EdgeLeap at the SB@NL2014 symposium to learn about our joint efforts to Tackle Complexity through Data Integration.

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