Empowering data-driven decisions for Topsector Agri & Food

Topsector Agri & Food recognises the importance of leveraging an integrated data approach and capturing the full value of data to boost data-driven opportunities in agri & food business. To design an optimal strategy for strengthening data handling and stewardship capacities in the Dutch Agri & Food sector, Topsector Agri & Food, TIFN (Top Institute Food & Nutrition) and DTL (Dutch Techcentre for Lifesciences) have partnered with EdgeLeap to map and analyse current and future opportunities in data storage, handling, and analysis for the sector stakeholders. The “Agri & Food data management inventory” survey, which will serve as a baseline measurement of data practices and needs of the sector can be found at the DTL website.

Please share your views on data-driven Agri & Food business to help us understand how we can help you!