Multilingual AI: Bringing the World to You

Multilingual AI: Bringing the World to You

For global businesses it is important to monitor market movements across the world. Access to local information has always been a challenge and it is getting increasingly difficult with travelling restrictions and cancellation of events. To bring the world closer to you, EdgeFlow robots learn to understand your business needs in 15 foreign languages, surfacing relevant insights for you from local news around the globe.

Outsmarting Keyword Queries

Users of search engines know how tedious it is to craft search queries that will exactly fit the interest field, yet not bring along heaps of irrelevant information. The challenge escalates when including a foreign language, not to mention in multiple languages. How do you define all those search terms in Thai, Japanese, Czech? How do you translate phrases and do they actually have the same meaning? How do you evaluate information filtered by a search engine if you do not speak the language in question?

Smart surfacing of relevant information, without the need for keywords and search queries is what EdgeFlow is tackling in its AI core. The new technology under its Robot’s hood now empowers it to do this also in 15 foreign languages!

Towards Human-like Understanding

Take for example questions “How old are you?” and “What is your age?”. These two sentences have the same meaning although they consist of completely different words. While for human mind it is trivial to recognize such related content, traditional keyword-based search engines are blind for this type of relationships. This is where AI comes to the rescue.

A new multilingual AI model featured by EdgeFlow Robots is able to take sentences less literally and make better indirect deductions. The amazing side of such a multilingual model is that it not only makes Robots smarter, but that it will also recognize relevant content in 15 languages that it was not trained on. In practice, this means that you can train your Robot in English, but your multilingual Robot assistant will get you relevant information also in e.g. Spanish, German, and Korean. With a handy “Translate” button, you will get an understandable version of the information in one click.

Multilingual AI for Global Businesses

EdgeFlow’s multilingual AI is a game changing feature for multinationals that need to keep a close eye on global markets. A piece of competitive information form a right corner of the world at a right time can mean all the difference.

Interested in multilingual Robots scouting for your competitive insights? Get in touch to discuss possibilities.