Newsletter Fall 2018

Newsletter Fall 2018

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At EdgeLeap we are continuously pushing forward technology frontiers to empower business decision making. To keep you in the know on latest developments, we compiled the most exciting highlights for you.

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Accelerating on all fronts

The launch of our information intelligence platform EdgeFlow this summer marked the shift into a high gear for EdgeLeap: exponentially expanding our team, onboarding new users to growing EdgeFlow community, introducing new features by day, and most importantly, converting heaps of information into new bright ideas for our clients. Read on to catch up with the flow!

New Look & Feel for EdgeFlow

For a smooth user experience, the EdgeFlow user interfaces got a major overhaul:a brand new portal page, updates cards style, and a dashboard for your at-a-glance insights. Staying in the know just got more enjoyable! Give us a call to schedule a demo, we would love to show you around.

“EdgeFlow is intuitive and engaging to use. It adds a playful component to my AI model training.”

Democratizing Artificial Intelligence

Featured content, sponsored ads, global market reports, and even your browser’s search results: Information you receive is increasingly becoming driven by someone else’s motives. How about getting back the control over information being served to you?EdgeFlow puts the user in charge: It leverages the power of AI to surface insights beyond what is possible with the human mind (well, at least in a lifetime ;), while giving the user full control over teaching AI what is considered relevant. Read more about the democratized AI trend – and how we do it differently.

“I can now train my own AI model to recognize information that I consider relevant and want to receive.”  

Why We Eat Our Own Dog Food?

How to stay ahead in a fast moving world? It’s a challenge that keeps our clients awake, but is equally important for EdgLeap as a technology frontrunner. To stay on top of relevant tech moves, and simultaneously experience our own tool from a user’s perspective, we use EdgeFlow to continuously surface insights that keep our team’s edge sharp.  In the technology world, this is called “dogfooding”. Read the full story.

“The golden tip on how to tackle testing in React.js surfaced as top ranked update in my alert that morning. I was sold!”

Welcome Aboard: EdgeFlow A-team

The EdgeLeap team had a growth spurt! Arne, Nino & Björn joined the team to reinforce our mission to make EdgeFlow awesomer by day. Read their stories first-hand.

“I especially enjoy the responsibility that has been entrusted to me.” 

We are always looking for great people to complement our team. Let us know if you think you may be The One or check out our current vacancies.