Newsletter Fall 2019

Newsletter Fall 2019

EdgeFlow Augmented Intelligence: New Generation of Smart Assistants

The positive vision of AI-driven future is based upon the powerful collaborations that take place when humans and machines work together, each taking advantage of the other’s complementary strengths. EdgeFlow’s personalized AI assistants are the new generation of such Augmented Intelligence tools, bringing together the best of both worlds to help business make faster and smarter strategic decisions. Never tired or calling in sick, capable of reading millions of updates daily, EdgeFlow robots learn to scout the world with eyes of their human guides and separate the wheat from the chaff in an overflow of information. It is then up to humans do what they are best in: pick up these clues and use their experience, intuition, and inspiration to connect the dots and take action to make the real impact.

In this newsletter, the spotlight is on two apps that underscore synergy between EdgeFlow users and their robots: TRENDS, where robots learn to read and summarize content to help users to spot trends, and LEADS, where robot’s delivered insights are shortlisted by users for collaboration and taking action. 

EdgeFlowTRENDS: Spot Trending Topics as They Emerge 

A new EdgeFlow app is inspired by our client’s futuristic vision: “Could my Robot read all updates instead of me and give me a summary of what is hot and happening in my field?” Well, now it can: With EdgeFlowTRENDS, your robot detects emerging topics in your feed  to give you aninstant insight into new, happening themes in your business domain. Spot at-a-glance trending keywords, companies, people, places, or products for your business topic and/or explore further with handy filters and search options to customize time intervals and information sources.  Give us a call to schedule a demo, we would love to show you around.

“EdgeFlowTRENDS got a key competitor on my radar. It triggered a red alert to take immediate action.”

EdgeFlowLEADS: Turn Awareness into Team’s Action

EdgeFlow robots funnel the world’s information into your relevant insights, helping you to spot and act on movements that will impact your business. To help you turn awareness of the world’s signals into a business value, we created EdgeFlowLEADS: a  collaborative environment for working with your team on actionable leads. This app makes it super easy to mark and find back important updates, bring them to attention of your colleagues, disseminate compiled leads as a newsletter, or download them for reporting and discussion. Get in touch to see EdgeFlowLEADS in action.

“Shortlisted leads are a starting point for discussion: We see this happening. Now what can we do about it?” 

In media: EdgeFlow featured in FD

A great article featuring EdgeFlow in Financieele Dagblad (AKA Dutch Financial Times) by Jan Fred van Wijnen: “The new terror of the modern manager is called ‘hyper awareness’: Technological developments are going so fast that it is impossible for you as a manager to keep up. For those who want to know everything there are Artificial Intelligence search robots.”  Read more 

“You want to grasp something for which there is no hard data, scattered signals of potentially disruptive developments.”

Welcome to the Team!

Ashwin Bakker joined EdgeLeap to experience working in the the fast-paced tech team, switching from a large enterprise setting at ABN AMRO bank. He is now laying the foundation for the EdgeFlow Knowledge Graph, empowering EdgeFlow users to easily traverse the relationships that information holds to help understand the story behind trends and insights.Read Ashwin’s story first-hand.

“Information on its own can show you what is happening. When enriched with relationships, it gives the context to explain why is it happening.”

We are always looking for talented people to complement EdgeFlow developers team. Let us know if you think you may be the one!

Vacancy: Business Development & Sales Manager

We are expanding our sales and business development team to bolster business potential of our information intelligence platform EdgeFlow. We are eager to welcome a new team member in a commercial role with focus on growing and fostering the EdgeFlow clients community.

Check out this vacancy.