Newsletter Fall 2020

Newsletter Fall 2020

A Meetup Place for Inspiration 

“Hey there, how are you doing? Did you hear that…” If you miss such spontaneous coffee-corner / water-cooler thoughts exchange with your colleagues, you’re not alone. An informal sharing of insights and ideas is good for our well-being and essential for inspiring innovation. Today in the features spotlight: New EdgeFlow integrations contributing to staying connected over inspiring insights. Bring your own coffee!

Stay inspired,
Your EdgeLeap team

A Grip on Disruption with Avery Dennison

The accelerating pace of change calls for disruptive ways for companies to stay ahead of the curve. Avery Dennison brought EdgeFlow robots on board to support their teams in leveraging emerging opportunities and safeguard its market leader position for the coming years.  Read more about how EdgeFlow works for Avery Dennison.

“Our robots give us visibility of what is on the periphery of our awareness, as well as advance notice of what is happening globally in the field.”

Sam O’Keefe, VP R&D Avery Dennison

New EdgeFlow integrations: Inspiration happens where your Team connects

EdgeFlow robots scout through world-wide digital information to surface your business relevant insights, helping you to spot and act on movements that will impact your business. EdgeFlow LEADS now directly links with enterprise chat apps such as Slack, MS Teams, and @workplace to help you turn individual awareness into a collaborative action. Read more on how you can connect with your team over the most inspiring insights to raise awareness, chat, exchange views, and take action! 

“The slack integration is wonderful and so easy!” 

Sabine Muller, Research & Insights Lead LEGO Ventures

EdgeFlow in KvK Innovation Top 100!

EdgeLeap, with EdgeFlow as our flagship, has been selected as one of the top innovative SMEs in 2020 by KvK (The Dutch Chamber of Commerce)! The yearly KvK challenge assesses marketed innovations for for growth potential, turnover, originality, sustainability and impact for the industry and society. Stay tuned for the competition finals!

“The most beautiful innovation display window in the Netherlands.” 

Ready, Steady…Team outing!

We happily “squeezed” this year’s EdgeLeap team outing in the tiny opportunity window to meet in person this summer! Just hanging out together (on a safe distance!) with the right mix of chilling out and adrenaline rush with some (for a change) non-virtual racing. A small but nice compensation for all our WoMiBo’s (AKA “Wednesday Afternoon Hangout with your Team” sessions) we had to skip this year.

We’re hiring!

We’re looking for a Sales Development Representative to join our team and help us bring EdgeFlow to enterprise clients world-wide. Are you or do you know a nice, talented person who would love to join our fast moving SaaS company in this commercial role? Check out the vacancy and let us know!

We are always on a lookout for talented people to help us further build EdgeFlow and support our clients’ success!