Newsletter Spring 2020

Newsletter Spring 2020

Getting a Grip on the Fast Changing World

While the world is slowly recovering from COVID-19 outbreak, the only certainty is the evident need for change. Last months have challenged the status quo in way we live, work, socialise, buy, learn, eat, travel, move, connect.  We have seen iPhone makers producing ventilators and beer brewers making hand sanitizers to fill the urgent need in health care. And while entire sectors are fighting the risk to become obsolete, the new values and priorities are paving the way for new business models to emerge. Digitalization as a way of life is no longer optional. The Future of Work, industrial robotics and e-learning are here and happening. At the same time, social solidarity and impact of human (in)activity on our planet are reinforcing our need for a more righteous and sustainable world. To create impact and thrive in changing environments, we all need to adapt to how the world is shifting and where it might be heading. Our mission is to help you to get a grip on it.

Stay safe, keep moving!
Your EdgeLeap team

HEINEKEN Partnership: Sustainable Impact

We launched a collaboration with the HEINEKEN Innovation and Research team to get EdgeFlow fuel their Technology Innovation Roadmap. Today, under an extended long-term partnership agreement and with an ever-growing user community, HEINEKEN’s Real Time Scouting Robots bolster HEINEKEN’s innovation and competitiveness in meeting the future consumer needs at global scale. Get in touch to learn how EdgeFlow supports different HEINEKEN teams in moving the business forward.

“The world is rapidly changing and we need to monitor closely, respond fast and keep leading on our core.”

Multilingual AI: Bringing the World to You

EdgeFlow robots scout through world-wide digital information to surface your business relevant insights without a need for specifying keywords and search queries, helping you to spot and act on movements that will impact your business.  With a new multilingual AI model, your robot will now also recognize what you need in 15 foreign languages – bringing you relevant insights from local news around the globe! Read on here if this is also critical for your business.

“This is a game changing feature for multinationals that need to keep a close eye on global markets.” 

New Launch: Get Inspired

Next to the EdgeFlow “Eat Your Own Dog Food” edition, we have launched the special EdgeFlow “Get Inspired” portal, featuring latest developments in various areas that we care about – from “Renewable Energy” and “FinTech” to “Smart cities” and “PopTech”. Get in touch if you would like to learn more!

“Get Inspired is a portal to world of innovation across industries.” 

Welcome to the Team!

We are happy to introduce a new member of our growing EdgeLeap team! As a Business Developer, Chiel is helping us to further drive EdgeFlow growth and support our client’s success.

“My mission is to support our clients in envisioning new solutions and help them to thrive and innovate.”

We are always looking for talented people to complement the EdgeLeap team. Let us know if you think you may be the one!

Events: Going (Digital)

Due to COVID-19 measures, The Next Web 2020 Tech Festival has been postponed to 01-02 October 2020, just a week before the World Summit AI. We hope to see you at these events either in person (as originally planed) or online!