How to boost your business using data science?

More than 100 agrifood entrepreneurs had opportunity to learn how to use data as a success factor in marketing healthy food at Marijana’s lecture at the summer event ‘With healthy foods to the market ” that took place in Agrifood Plaza’ s-Hertogenbosch. You can read the digest of the event here (sorry, only in dutch!)

AgriFoodTop 2016: From science to business

On 1st of June, the annual networking event of Dutch Agri & Food sector took place in Wageningen, The Netherlands. In the session “Unravelling the biology behind percievable consumer benefits” lead by Rolf Bos (TIFN / Friesland Campina), EdgeLeap was invited to provide an overview of current and envisioned developments in Dutch data landscape. Next to interpreting the outcomes of the Agri & Food data management inventory survey, Marijana shared EdgeLeap’s take on what is needed in order to seize the “high hanging fruit” of agri & food sector: societal impact and economic benefits. For more insights, get in touch!

Empowering data-driven decisions for Topsector Agri & Food

Topsector Agri & Food recognises the importance of leveraging an integrated data approach and capturing the full value of data to boost data-driven opportunities in agri & food business. To design an optimal strategy for strengthening data handling and stewardship capacities in the Dutch Agri & Food sector, Topsector Agri & Food, TIFN (Top Institute Food & Nutrition) and DTL (Dutch Techcentre for Lifesciences) have partnered with EdgeLeap to map and analyse current and future opportunities in data storage, handling, and analysis for the sector stakeholders. The “Agri & Food data management inventory” survey, which will serve as a baseline measurement of data practices and needs of the sector can be found at the DTL website.

Please share your views on data-driven Agri & Food business to help us understand how we can help you!

VMT Food Event 2016: Personalised Nutrition and Big data in Food industry

At the VMT Food Event 2016, VMT this year brings together food industry leaders under the theme “Digital food revolution”. Within the Personalised Nutrition and Big data session, EdgeLeap will give a lecture on using data science to bridge the gap between data generation and data-driven decision making in food and nutrition industry. The ability to collect, organize and exploit diverse and abundant information drives competitive edge in development and positioning of healthy products. To leverage investments in data generation and stay ahead in an increasingly data-driven world, companies need to keep up with the fast moving data science field. Join EdgeLeap to discuss challenges and opportunities in making data science work in food and nutrition R&D!

EdgeLeap joins Dutch TechCentre for Life Sciences

The Dutch TechCentre for Life Sciences (DTL) is a platform that coordinates approaches to deal with common data challenges in life sciences. One of the major challenges DTL aims to address is the functional connection and coupling of data that originate from different sources, have been generated in different formats using different standards, and contain different types of information. This is spot on with EdgeLeap’s work and mission to integrate and organize information into actionable knowledge. Read more.

Systems Nutrition on the agenda of Keystone Symposium in Beijing

Systems approaches to human health are becoming widely adopted across all life science disciplines. That this is true for nutrition research community has been demonstrated at the Keystone Symposium on Human Nutrition, Environment and Health, held on October 14-18, 2015 in Beijing, China.

The symposium which was supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and sponsored by Nestle Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS), in conjunction with the Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI), gathered thought leaders and international organisations from different disciplines to discuss the scientific basis of how diet and environment affects personal and public health. EdgeLeap’s co-founder and CEO, Marijana Radonjic was invited to present challenges and opportunities associated with growing complexity of systems data in systems nutrition research at this unique event. “The ability to organize, integrate and exploit diverse and abundant information on food-health interactions supports development of novel healthy products targeted to optimally fit consumer needs, and contributes to a self-conscious, motivated, healthier community”, says Radonjic. “We are rapidly acquiring means to translate this complex data into relevant knowledge to enable holistic and personalized lifestyle decisions and smart design of health-improving interventions. A prerequisite for successfully bridging this gap is a truly interdisciplinary effort of nutritionists, clinicians, molecular biologists with mathematicians, statisticians and computer scientists”, she stresses. As a provider of data science solutions for translating systems nutrition concepts to practice, we are excited to be on the forefront of developments in this emerging field.

The full programme of the symposium can be found here.

Guest blog for Neo4j by EdgeLeap

Check out our story “Navigating the Complexity of Heart Failure with graphs” on the Neo4j blog, where we highlight how we organized patient information in context of biomedical knowledge to help clinical researchers grasp the mechanisms driving heart failure.

Read the full post here.

Emerging visualisation solutions for biological data at the BioJS Conference 2015

Bioinformatics community from industry and academia gathered at The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC) in Norwich, UK to discuss data visualisation challenges in today’s world of massive biological datasets. The BioJS community’s mission is to develop JavaScript applications to visualize biological data. EdgeLeap’s CSO Thomas Kelder was invited to give a talk on data visualisation challenges in our data science projects for food and pharma industry. Thomas presented EdgeLeap’s take on visual solutions for representing food, drugs and diseases interactions, demonstrating how intuitive visuals stimulate innovative discovery in personalised health.

BioJS EdgeLeap at the BioJS Conference 2015

EdgeLeap joins RVO consortium for Healthcare Innovation in Singapore

To accelerate healthcare innovation in Singapore, EdgeLeap has been invited to reinforce a new “P4 Health” consortium initiated by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and the Dutch Embassy in Singapore. The consortium will exploit synergy among the consortium partners to enforce and facilitate Singapore’s mission to innovate and improve Integrated Care for Ageing Societies. In this effort, EdgeLeap will provide data science support to the other consortium partners (TNO, NOM / LifeLines, PortaVita, Simultrainer and Hogeschool Leiden). We look forward to the kickoff!

EdgeLeap joins RVO consortium for innovating healthcare in Singapore