Healthcare meets entrepreneurship at BIOVISION World Life Sciences Forum

The BIOVISION event, held in Lyon 15-16 April 2015, brought together multi-stakeholder partners and investors to foster innovative projects and seed stage startups in Medtech, Biotech, and e-Health. At the BIOVISION Catalyzer session, EdgeLeap presented innovative data science concepts enabling transition from disconnected data to emerging insights in cardiovascular health. It has been a great and energizing experience to join a very supportive and engaging lyonnaise community!

From Big Data to Big Picture: EdgeLeap helps steering systems medicine implementation strategy at CASyM 2nd Workshop

CASyM (Coordinating Action Systems Medicine) is a European project, supported by the FP7- Directorate-General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission, aiming to develop a road map outlining an integrative strategy for the implementation of systems medicine across Europe. At the 2nd CASyM Academic/Industry Interaction Workshop, five R&D collaborative projects were presented, among which EdgeLeap’s integrative modelling project with Karolinska Institute. In a round-table discussion “From clinical diagnose to systems based targeted therapies”, chairman Dr. Prof. Timothy Radstake (UMC Utrecht, The Netherlands) stressed the importance of methods for harmonization of diverse layers of patient data for realizing implementation of systems medicine.

EdgeLeap is selected for BIOVISION Catalyzer 2015!

EdgeLeap selected for BIOVISION Catalyzer 2015 We are proud to be officially selected as a promising life sciences startup at BIOVISION 2015 event! EdgeLeap is invited to present its data science solutions in Lyon, France on April 15 & 16 at the Catalyzer pitching session. We will show how integrative network modelling unravels patient-specific mechanisms linking dietary habits, oral microbiome and cardiovascular function. The project is a result of collaboration with Prof. Jon Lundberg (Karolinska Institute).

Read more about the project here.

EdgeLeap pitch at Innovation for Health event

At the Innovation for Health event on 5 February 2014 at Amsterdam RAI, key players and stakeholders across the healthcare & Life Sciences spectrum met to catch up on the latest trends, present cutting-edge innovations and engage leaders and decision makers to contribute to the future of sustainable healthcare. EdgeLeap has opened the Innovation Pitch session with the presentation “Data Science for Healthcare”, showing how extracting meaningful information from patient data enables making better, more personalized decisions in healthcare. See our pitch presentation here:

EdgeLeap visualization wins Cytoscape Launch Challenge as “Best example of using Cytoscape for Biology”!

Our network visualization “The Food – Genomics – Disease landscape” won the Cytoscape v3.2 Launch Challenge in the category “Best example of using Cytoscape for Biology”. The visualization shows a network linking food ingredients with human disease through underlying molecular interactions (for details see full presentation). Overlaying a personal disease risk profile based on 23andMe data gives insight in ingredients relevant for personal health (see below an animation based on data from 11 persons). Overlaying ingredient and disease classes reveals a high level overview on disease and ingredient relationships.

The Food - Genomics - Disease landscape network visualization The Food - Genomics - Disease landscape network visualization

WATRefNet: a knowledge resource for exploring health-relevant relations

The latest publication by the EdgeLeap team addresses innovative concepts in systems nutrition research, representing a “manifest” reflecting hot topics in the field. The work is a result of joint effort with top nutritional research experts from 9 European institutions within the FP7 BIOCLAIMS project. Important points arising from the publication are:

  • Reference network concept as a sustainable solution for integration and mining of complex datasets and prior knowledge
  • Shift from single, (solely) statistically significant biomarkers to physiologically relevant and mechanistically supported biomarker signatures
  • Prioritized biomarker signatures as a means to quantify health effects of nutrient interventions

We constructed a network model specific for adipose tissue health (WATRefNet), by integrating experimental data, public knowledge databases and expert domain knowledge across a consortium of 9 European research institutions (10 studies, 5 species, 3 assay platforms, 4 tissues, 7 public knowledge databases and consortium domain knowledge). The WATRefNet represents a sustainable knowledge resource for extraction of relevant relationships such as mechanisms of action, nutrient intervention targets and biomarkers and for assessment of health effects for support of health claims made on food products.

Read the paper here!

EdgeLeap at Graph Database Meetup

At the Amsterdam Graph Database Meetup on 5 November 2014, different companies (TomTom, Findsi, Historiana, and EdgeLeap) showed cases of using graph databases in their specific application field. EdgeLeap presented applications of graphs and graph databases in life sciences, showing how visual and intuitive representation of data helps to understand health and disease. Here are the slides of our presentation:

EdgeLeap joins Open PHACTS as Associated Partner

EdgeLeap is now associated partner in the Open PHACTS project. The Open PHACTS Discovery Platform integrates pharmacological data from a variety of information resources and providing tools and services to question this integrated data to support pharmacological research. The platform has been developed to reduce barriers to drug discovery in industry, academia and for small businesses. We are excited to be involved in this community and build upon the Open PHACTS knowledgebase to demonstrate the added value of structured knowledge in solving problems in life sciences.

EdgeLeap joins the CREATE HEALTH program

CREATE HEALTH is a program bridging the Topsector Life Sciences and Health with the Topsector Creative Industry to address societal challenge “Healthy and active ageing”. The goal of the program is to stimulate innovation, knowledge development and collaboration among researchers, educational and governmental initiatives on the interface of healthcare and creative industry. EdgeLeap presented its view and role in using creative solutions to accelerate innovation in healthcare at the Create Health symposium in Eindhoven, and has joined the program as a partner.

Read more here.

New paper by EdgeLeap team!

A new paper by the EdgeLeap team is now online. In this paper we demonstrate how linking high-throughput molecular data with physiological parameters enables discovery of biomarkers and novel therapeutic targets. We identified and prioritized sets of key nodes in hepatic molecular networks underlying type 2 diabetes mellitus and discovered mechanisms that are critical to target by anti-diabetic interventions to steer the complex disease phenotype.

Read the paper here!