EdgeLeap at NuGO week 2014

After wrapping up the workshop in Rovereto, EdgeLeap and advisory board member Chris Evelo traveled across Italy to attend the NuGO week in Castellammare di Stabia, Italy from 8-11 September. During the 6th NuGO Participants Assembly, EdgeLeap was awarded status of official NuGO partner.

EdgeLeap’s CEO Marijana Radonjic presented our work on “Organizing Data to Empower Decision Making in Health and Nutrition Research”. She showed how our approaches to organizing and linking diverse data (food databases, disease associations, genomics, 23andMe genetics profiles) allows us to map a personal food-genomics-health landscape and identify dietary patterns which may affect personal disease risk. The presentation can be found here:

Workshop on “Network analysis for systems nutrition research” co-organized by EdgeLeap

EdgeLeap is proud to have co-organized a workshop on “Network analysis for systems nutrition research”, held on 4-5 September 2014 in Rovereto, Italy. Together with COSBI and NuGO, we brought together a wide variety of experts in network biology, bioinformatics, statistics, and nutrition research to tackle challenges in analyzing complex experimental data in systems nutrition research. The workshop was a success: participants had a chance to extensively discuss hot topics on data mining approaches in nutrition research and get engaged in a paralel hands-on session on designing a workflow for analyzing a complex systems nutrition study. We received great feedback from participants for the organization and scientific content!

  • Workshop network analysis for systems nutrition research
  • Workshop network analysis for systems nutrition research
  • Workshop network analysis for systems nutrition research
  • Workshop network analysis for systems nutrition research

For an introduction to the workshop please check out our presentation:

An overview of the full programme and presentations can be found on the workshop website.

EdgeLeap represents SMEs at the Netherlands Platform for Systems Biology

EdgeLeap became a partner of the Netherlands Platform for Systems Biology (SB@NL), a national organization for fostering the systems biology approach in life sciences. The aim of SB@NL is to create synergies between systems biology research institutes/groups and other stakeholders in systems and synthetic biology, biotechnology and medicine. The platform currently consists of eleven partners, representing academia, research institutes, and now also small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in The Netherlands.

SMEs are considered a key drivers of innovation and SB@NL recognises their importance in valorisation of systems biology knowledge and its effective translation into solutions which benefit the society and economy. Hence, the SB@NL platform has this year expanded to include EdgeLeap as a first partner representing SMEs that are active in the systems biology field. Meet EdgeLeap at the SB@NL2014 symposium to learn about our joint efforts to Tackle Complexity through Data Integration.

EdgeLeap opening celebration!

EdgeLeap had an official opening celebration on the 18th of July. Friends, family, clients and other EdgeLeap’s supporters had a chance to take a peak in our office and socialize while enjoying drinks & bites. The science and fun mixed well, catalyzed by a hot atmosphere. In the background we setup a dynamic network visualization wiggling in the rhythm of music on the EdgeLeap display, symbolizing importance of connectedness at all levels…

EdgeLeap and SomantiX team-up to mine new anti-angiogenesis targets for cancer therapy

EdgeLeap joins forces with SomantiX B.V. to select new targets for cancer therapy.

SomantiX is a Dutch biotech company that aims to select and validate targets for tumor vessel directed cancer therapy. These targets will qualify for development of binders that will be used for therapeutic and diagnostic applications. Using EdgeLeap’s cutting edge data integration and mining technology, SomantiX will add value to their exclusive list of potential tumor vessel targets that have been identified through screening and differential expression analysis of tumor and normal tissues. Read more here.

New paper by EdgeLeap team!

A new paper co-authored by the EdgeLeap team has just been published. In this paper we demonstrate the power of correlation network analysis to reveal high-fat diet induced host-microbiome interactions. The resulting correlation networks provide an overview of host-microbiome relations, revealing groups of correlations that are of particular interest for explaining host health aspects through changes in the gut microbiota.

Read the paper here!