Search Engines vs. Find Robots

The game changing aspect of the EdgeFlow is a paradigm shift from searching for predefined terms and keywords to AI-driven surfacing of relevant information. This is essential for businesses that need insights beyond of what they already know they should be looking for.

Scouting for The Next Big Thing

To stay ahead in a fast changing world, businesses need the right information at hand 24/7. A new technology, consumer trends, startups on rise: timely awareness of the next big thing can make a giant difference for future success, or failure, of a business.

But how to find high impact information when you don’t know yet what to exactly to look for? Known search terms or googling for “the next big thing for my business” just does not work here.

Search Engines vs. Find Robots

For timely awareness of relevant movements in the outer world, businesses need to continuously monitor numerous information streams. The challenge that remains is the abundance of information: it is practically impossible to follow it all without drowning in information.

The classical approach to filtering information streams is specifying the search terms, either as individual keywords or their strings and collections (ontologies). This is a good approach for finding a very specific output when you exactly know what you are looking for, but it misses all relevant insights that are beyond the boundaries of a priori defined searches – including any new game changers. Another important limitation of the keyword-based search is dealing with information abundance: even a carefully crafted search string easily retrieves tens of thousands – and many irrelevant – hits per day from a comprehensive collection of sources.

EdgeFlow tackles limitations of the classical information retrieval approaches by placing Artificial Intelligence (AI) capability at its core. Instead of predefined terms and keywords, EdgeFlow robots learn from examples and user feedback to define an area of interest as its scouting field and assign relevance score to each update. This makes it possible to find insights that you have never thought you should look for in the first place, conveniently sorted to show those that are most relevant for you on the top.

What are the Game Changers for Your Business Area?

The ability to find surprising, out of the box insights and stay aware without information overload is the the way forward for business innovation, R&D, and marketing, but also for experts in operational functions which are not daily searching for better ways to organize their processes. A relevant insight coming from a local source, unforeseen tender opening, or important competitor move are all examples of how EdgeFlow “find robots” bring answers to questions you did not yet realize you should be asking.

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