WATRefNet: a knowledge resource for exploring health-relevant relations

The latest publication by the EdgeLeap team addresses innovative concepts in systems nutrition research, representing a “manifest” reflecting hot topics in the field. The work is a result of joint effort with top nutritional research experts from 9 European institutions within the FP7 BIOCLAIMS project. Important points arising from the publication are:

  • Reference network concept as a sustainable solution for integration and mining of complex datasets and prior knowledge
  • Shift from single, (solely) statistically significant biomarkers to physiologically relevant and mechanistically supported biomarker signatures
  • Prioritized biomarker signatures as a means to quantify health effects of nutrient interventions

We constructed a network model specific for adipose tissue health (WATRefNet), by integrating experimental data, public knowledge databases and expert domain knowledge across a consortium of 9 European research institutions (10 studies, 5 species, 3 assay platforms, 4 tissues, 7 public knowledge databases and consortium domain knowledge). The WATRefNet represents a sustainable knowledge resource for extraction of relevant relationships such as mechanisms of action, nutrient intervention targets and biomarkers and for assessment of health effects for support of health claims made on food products.

Read the paper here!