Tools you’ll love

A decade of experience in solving data challenges showed us that rigid tools just don’t cut it. At EdgeLeap, we are committed to craft solutions designed to best serve your application. Driven by EdgeLeap’s vision and powered by agile technology, we apply modular designs in our information mining tools to have them work best for you.

How we Work

  • Connector.

    We think along

    We help you define opportunities to leverage information mining for your business.

  • Connector.


    We train AI models for your business domain and configure apps to bring you information you need to make your next move.

  • Connector.


    We implement applications based on our technology platforms, ready to evolve with your business focus.


Online AI information mining platform, fit to your business focus. Real time, comprehensive, and as intelligent as a machine can get.
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Knowledge graph database of molecular and disease associations. All resources you need in one place, integrated & ready to use in your workflows.
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We Connect

Game changing insights come from linking different types of information. Our platforms work with the full landscape of information sources to get you to that a-ha! moment.

Knowledge databases

Mine existing knowledge to give context to your findings.

Public sources

Mine (un)structured information sources to derive transitive relations and discover new leads.

Internal information

Link scattered company information to connect teams and build upon the knowledge of all your people.

Why Work With Us?

EdgeLeap blends different expertises to provide powerful information mining solutions:

Data Science

Our team has extensive expertise in machine learning methods, graph algorithms and visual analytics that you need to turn information into intelligence.


We use solid development technology for modular and scalable solutions. This ensures seamless integration with your current infrastructure & delivers smooth user interfaces.

Innovation for Business

Our team has over a decade of experience in implementing data-driven innovation across different industries. We speak your language.

Check out also our Scientific Track Record.