Unique Blend of Expertise

EdgeLeap blends different expertises to provide powerful data science solutions:


We excel in finding and applying the right machine learning methods, graph algorithms and visual analytics to get the most out of your data.

Domain knowledge

Our team has years of experience in generating and analyzing life sciences data. We speak your language.


We use solid development technology to ensure modular and scalable solutions, seamless integration with your current infrastructure, and smooth user interfaces.

Toolbox for Craft Solutions

A single tool doesn’t fit all. EdgeLeap has unique expertise in finding, combining, and customizing the right tools and methods for your specific application.

We use R as allround platform for data science tasks

We model life sciences data as graphs using Neo4j

We use Python as allround platform for data science tasks

We use git to work together on code

We visualize biological pathways with PathVisio

Cytoscape for powerful interactive network visualization

Bioconductor serves as our allround bioinformatics toolbox

We build smooth end user tools using ReactJS

We build robust data processing pipelines with Java

We perform advanced graph analysis with igraph

We Dockerize our analysis pipelines and products for optimal reproducibility and hassle-free deployment

We mine unstructured information using the UIMA framework

Still favorite in large enterprises – we embed enterprise solutions in a flexible data science environment

BridgeDB for linking molecules across databases

We use Electron for flexible deployment of our tools, in the cloud or on your local PC

We build scalable NLP pipelines using spaCy

Our toolbox is continuously growing – we find the right tools for your specific application!

Navigating the Data Landscape

Game changing insights come from linking different data and information. We empower our clients in navigating the full data landscape:

Your data

Analyze and integrate data generated within your organization.

Public data

Reinforce your data with the wealth of publicly available datasets.

Structured knowledge

Mine existing knowledge to give context to your findings.

Unstructured information

Mine unstructured data to derive transitive relations and discover new leads.

Scientific Track Record & Publicity


EdgeLeap @ invited talks and lectures.

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