Newsletter Spring 2019

Newsletter Spring 2019

Scouting for Game Changers, 24/7

EdgeFlow Robots at work: sifting through information streams 24/7 to find business relevant insights. With growing use of EdgeFlow in different industries and business segments, surfaced insights are rapidly diversifying. From high-tech innovations and product launches, to consumer trends and disrupting business models – these game changers are as diverse as the teams training the robots. Staying on top of your game 24/7 has never been easier, and that counts for professionals in any role or expertise. Our mission: All experts to champions!

Gateway to your Business Topic

We organized the EdgeFlow Topic page as handy access to all tools you need to explore your business topic. Now all tools you need to stay ahead in your business area are at one place:  a real-time feed of relevant information, analytics dashboard, overview of actionable insights for your team, your daily alerts archive, and tools to (re)train your robotGive us a call to schedule a demo, we would love to show you around.

“The EdgeFlow Topic page is a single point of access for all actual information on my business area.”

Search Engines vs. Find Robots

The game changing aspect of the EdgeFlow approach is shifting the mindset from searching for predefined terms and keywords to AI-driven surfacing of relevant information. This is essential for businesses that need insights beyond of what they already know they should be looking for. Read more.

“Googling for ‘the Next Big Thing for My Business’ just does not work .”  

Partnership for Growth

We are happy to welcome Tom Stefels to the EdgeLeap team. As partner at BEACON, Tom’s exquisite expertise in innovation processes at large corporations qualifies him as an ideal advisor for translating EdgeFlow capability into a value for our clients. This partnership further reinforces the opportunity of EdgeFlow to fulfill the industry needs.  Read BEACON’s take on EdgeFlow.

“I was amazed by the ability of EdgeFlow robots to find useful, out of the box input for our innovation projects. It really gets you surprised.”

Fast Forward your Career

Only a year ago, Nino joined EdgeLeap to work on his graduation project. He decided to stick around and now is ready to guide the next-gen talent. Also fast forward your career as an EdgeFlow developer? Let us know! Read Nino’s story first-hand.

“Next to programming challenges, at EdgeLeap I get the opportunity to learn directly from end users.”

We are always looking for talented people to complement our team. Let us know if you think you may be the one!

Meet us at Tech Open Air ’19

For this year’s EdgeLeap’s team outing, we are heading to Tech Open Air Berlin festival.  Under a slogan WE MAKE YOU FUTURE-PROOF, it’s a spot on to EdgeFlow’s ambition to co-shape future of technology and its impact on business. Meet us there!