Why We Eat Our Own Dog Food?

How to stay ahead in a fast moving world? It’s a challenge that keeps our clients awake, but is equally important for EdgLeap as a technology frontrunner. To stay on top of relevant tech moves, and simultaneously experience our own tool from a user’s perspective, we use EdgeFlow to continuously surface insights that keep our team’s edge sharp. In the technology world, this is called “dogfooding”.

Where does the term come from?

“Eating your own dog food” is a phrase in the tech world that refers to the practice of regularly using your own products. Originally the idea came from Alpo dog food commercials, in which spokesman assured us that Alpo is so good, he feeds it to his own dogs. Since then, and one famous Microsoft memo later, the term has become common among software companies that feel it beneficial to use their own product internally.

How does it work for us?

Besides being a perfect way to test our product features, we are truly proud being able to say that we use, and benefit from, the product we build everyday. For Thomas, EdgeLeap CTO, it is critical to be on top of what is technically possible in our field and spot opportunities to turn new developments into business solutions. He used to track dozens of news feed sources daily to keep up with latest developments in AI and stream processing technology. “I used to track twitter, feedly, pocket, google news, daily. Nowadays I use EdgeFlow as a sole source of new information. It serves me everything I used to get by searching through a bundle of different sources, without having to scroll through loads of articles I’m actually not interested in. It’s a major time saver, plus it comes up with content I would never thought of searching for myself. ”

To cover different aspects of our business, each team has their own AI model trained to surface information they value the most. Our developers for example trained their “A-team” model to bring about hottest tools and packages they need to make EdgeFlow awesomer by the day.
Björn, our software engineer shares his story: “That morning that I set out to implement a new testing environment for one of our UI components, the one with particularly steep learning curve. It was like AI reading my mind, a golden tip on how to tackle this exact problem surfaced as top ranked update in my EdgeFlow alert. I was sold! This read got me up and coding in a matter of minutes, saving me hours or even days of research.”

What is on the menu?

Our own EdgeFlow topics cover specialistic science & technology fields (e.g. Natural Language Processing, Data Engineering), as well as business development interests that keep us in the know on commercial trends and our client’s whereabouts. While EdgeFlow feeds us with innovation and business insights, we are using this knowledge to build it further and watch it grow smarter and more useful every day.

Interested in staying on the top of your business topics with EdgeFlow? Let us know!